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A person who inspires or influences others, especially one prominent in a particular sphere.
In the center of Fort Myers sits more than just a hotel. It’s a hub where countless stories of creative pioneers come together to enlighten locals and travelers while inspiring them to new adventures of their own. Luminary Hotel & Co. is the beating heart of the city where you can become part of a storyline that’s always being written.

About Luminary 6

Quirky Characters

The banks of the Caloosahatchee have seen the arrival of countless individuals looking to explore the possibilities of Fort Myers. There are so many inspiring and entertaining stories surrounding the luminaries who built Fort Myers. Some of their contributions are captured in these fanciful illustrations brought to life by local artist Joshua Noom. Look closely, there are unexpected plot twists and cameo appearances!

About Luminary 3

The Caloosahatchee

The river and its inhabitants are such a crucial part of the area’s historical landscape. To this day, its gentle current evokes an appreciation for taking your time to enjoy where you are just as much as where you are going.

About Luminary 4

Capt. Francis A. Hendry

Ask any local of Fort Myers and they’re bound to know about the Hendry family. The patriarch came to the area by way of a cattle drive (and war), and established a home. His charisma quickly made him an influential member of the town.

About Luminary 5

Alice McCann

From her switchboard above the Heitman General Store, Alice became the first telephone operator in Fort Myers. Her penchant for exchanging more than just phone lines also made her the woman who heard and shared everything — and we mean everything.

About Luminary 1

Tootie McGregor

While her nickname is something of a mystery, Tootie’s legacy can be felt on every road — literally. With an eye for business and a generous heart, she worked behind the scenes to invest in the beautification and paving of her beloved town. Today, she is known as the ‘Mother of Fort Myers.’