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Nostalgia served with a smile

A fun retro-inspired eatery serving up comfort food and classic diner fare. Slide into a booth or pull up to the counter for a burger and milkshake, brunch with the gang or the best all-day breakfast you’ve ever had.


Most would say stories passed on shape a community. And we know that a good meal is the best way to bring those storytellers together. That’s why our doors open for the early birds and don’t close until the late risers have had their fill—come as you are and whenever you’re ready. We’ll keep the coffee hot, the soda cold, and the rest just the way you like it.

Walk right in from Bay Street, where Ella Mae’s provides a welcome twist to the classic southern diner. Our inspired chefs put a fresh approach to a lineup of traditional neighborhood favorites. Celebrating Dr. Ella Mae Piper’s legacy, it’s here the community comes together to share stories as they enjoy a meal amidst vintage-inspired finishes and a bright color palette.

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Gift Cards

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Gift cards can be redeemed for hotel stays, The Silver King Ocean Brasserie, Ella Mae’s Diner, Beacon Rooftop Social Drinkery, Chips Sports Pub, Oxbow Bar & Grill, and Dean Street Coffee Roastery & Retail.

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In the late 19th century, Dr. Ella Mae Piper was a visionary, philanthropist and life-changer, and her light would brighten the lives of many in Fort Myers. She opened the first beauty shop in the community. Her entrepreneurial skills blossomed as she became owner of Big 4 Bottling Company on Mango and Evans, where customers could enjoy soft drinks for just 5 cents a bottle. Today’s Dr. Piper Center is located at the former Big 4 site.

Philanthropic to the core, Dr. Piper was instrumental in helping young people earn scholarships to Tuskegee College, as well as underprivileged children and the elderly. Although Dr. Piper died in 1954, her legacy lives on at the Dr. Piper Center. Today, the Dr. Piper Center empowers seniors to create community impact in her name.

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Hours & Contact

Monday – Sunday: 7:00 AM to 2:00 PM

Phone: 239.314.3854